Foster innovation and elevate the value of your medical device with Pulso’s tailored and lifelike in vitro testing solutions

A Higly Specialized Lab

The Pulso Lab, affiliated with the University of Mons in Belgium, possesses extensive expertise in fluid mechanics within the medical device sector. Our specialization lies in the creation of highly realistic in vitro simulations, a key catalyst for accelerating the development of innovative vascular devices and augmenting their intrinsic value.


Pulso prioritizes ethical research, exploring alternatives to minimize animal testing, aligning with its commitment to responsible medical device testing.


Pulso leverages its patented pulse duplicator combined with anatomical models to provide “client-specific” solutions for reliable medical device testing, marketing, and training.


Medical device design typically involves about 10 costly and time-consuming iterations. Due to the lack of relevant animal models for certain conditions in vitro testing offers a faster and cost-effective solution to drive medical device innovation.


Flexibility is the backbone of our lab. We adapt, innovate, and evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and industry.

Visualization and quantification of pulsatile flow profile in an abdominal aneurysm.


Pulso tailored systems offer a controlled and predictable environment for in-depth studies of critical device characteristics


Mitral valve, Tricuspid valve, aortic valve, LVAD and other innovative cardiovascular devices

Endo and Neurovascular

Grafted stent, stents, endovascular devices, embolization devices, flow diverters, stroke prevention devices…


A highly flexible team expert in anatomical model and fluid mechanics will help you create a bench test targeting the specific parameters capable of increasing the value of your device, and this at Pulso facilities or at your lab.

Silicone Vasculatures Development

Patient-specific or standard customizable anatomical flexible and transparent models

Pulsatile Flow Testing

Tailor-made bench test to target specific aspects of the functioning of your device.

PIV Analysis

Flow velocities analysis and detailed stream flow visualization thanks to our powerful set of lasers and high-speed cameras.


  • Medica 2023

    Medica 2023

    Pulso will be present at Medica on November 14-15, 2023. Meet us at our booth (Hall 15 / B22).

  • London Valves 2023

    London Valves 2023

    Pulso delegates will be attending London Valves 2023.

We develop great things

More and more we see medical devices targeting specific deseases hardly reproducible in animal models, we, at Pulso, strive for great alternatives!

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