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The Pulso Lab as part of the University of Mons (Belgium) has developed in depth expertise in fluid mechanics applied to the medical device sector. Today, Pulso brings highly realistic in vitro simulations to help accelerate the development of innovative vascular devices.

What We Offer

Pulso’s anatomical flow models help evaluate the hemodynamic impact of vascular devices. The underlying patented pulse pump technology enables the reproduction of any type of physiological flow, thereby mimicking the diastolic and systolic phases of the cardiac cycle.
Moreover, the team’s know-how in silicone models enables the development of a wide range of anatomical replicas that can be used not only for R&D activities, but also for marketing and training purposes.

Aneurysm with flow diverter

Our Vision

A faster, more reliable and cost-effective path towards performant breakthrough medical devices

Our Mission

Transforming promising innovative concepts into impactful technologies through clever and ethical solutions

Core Values

A flexible, innovative and highly adaptive team working towards clients satisfaction

The Idea

Pulso sprang from the hard work of Kamil Chodzinsky, a Polish researcher, during his privately funded Ph.D. at the University of Mons (Belgium) and the active priceless support from two professors, Karm Zouaoui (ULB) and Gregory Coussement (UMons). Four years later, this idea blossomed into a patent capable of replicating any pulsatile signal within our bodies. Few projects later, Marco Testaguzza recognized its potential to significantly advance the development of various vascular implants, and thus, Pulso was born.

Pulso Technology

Four generations of the same device later, Pulso Lab, under the leadership of Marco Testaguzza, has taken concrete steps to assist medical device companies in creating customized bench tests tailored to their specific requirements. Their vision is to expedite and ethically streamline the development of vascular devices, making the process faster and more efficient.

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