Pulso Pump

Compact & Programmable Pulse Duplicator

Customizable Pulsatile Signals

The PULSO pulse duplicator is a compact and programmable dual pump capable of controlling and accurately replicating any type of pulsatile flow of the human vascular system. The pulse duplicator is intended for in vitro studies in the hemodynamic assessment of medical devices behaviour such as a stents, heart valves, LVAD, for research purposes and to create a highly realistic training scenario.

Plug-and-Play Device

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High Versatility

From small vessels to large arteries, our pulse duplicator reproduces any physiological signal. From patient-specific pressure and flow profiles to predefined signals for your ideal testing scenario.

Our Service Model

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Programmable Pulse Duplicator

A “plug&play” device for all your pulsatile tests

Feedback Loop Control

The PULSO pump uses advanced control software for autonomous pulsatile signal replication. It continuously monitors and adjusts its functioning, achieving high precision with less than 5% deviation from the original physiological signals and high repeatability, vital for precise research and testing.

Compact and Ergonomic Design

The PULSO pulse duplicator is compact (550x230x230mm) and lightweight (15kg), ensuring easy portability and setup for versatile research applications.

Replication of Physiological Flow

The device excels at replicating diverse physiological flow patterns, accurately mimicking flow signals ranging from negative flows to 30 l/min. This wide range encompasses vessel sizes from under 2.5 mm (e.g., cerebral arteries, coronary arteries) to 30 mm (e.g., ascending aorta, inferior vena cava), enabling comprehensive cardiovascular system research.

Real-Time Parameter Adjustment

Researchers can effortlessly customize the PULSO pump’s settings in real-time via an intuitive graphical interface. This enables on-the-fly adjustments for parameters like beats per minute and cardiac volume, ensuring adaptability to diverse experimental conditions.

Fields of applications

The PULSO pulse duplicator is an advanced tool for in vitro studies on medical device hemodynamics, including stents, heart valves, and catheters. Its precise replication of physiological flow patterns, along with real-time parameter adjustments, makes it essential for cardiovascular research and medical device testing.


Mitral valve, Tricuspid valve, aortic valve, LVAD and other innovative cardiovascular devices

Endo- and Neurovascular

Grafted stent, stents, endovascular devices, embolization devices, flow diverters and stroke prevention devices

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