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Cutting-Edge Simulations For Vascular Medical Devices

Pulso excels in designing cutting-edge simulation solutions for vascular medical devices. Our expertise lies in crafting mock circulatory loops that closely mimic the complex conditions of the human vascular system. 
These tailored systems offer a controlled and predictable environment for in-depth studies of critical device characteristics, such as endovascular and heart valve performance. Beyond design verification testing, Pulso’s simulated use test systems also serve as powerful tools for quantifying and qualifying technology performance attributes. These versatile solutions not only aid in device development but also prove invaluable for focused demonstrations, marketing efforts, and physician training. Pulso’s commitment to innovation ensures that medical professionals can rely on their simulation solutions for comprehensive evaluations and training needs.
Designing vascular devices is a complex and challenging process, and realistic testbenches can help address various problems encountered in this endeavour. Accurate performance evaluation is crucial. Simulations can replicate physiological conditions, enabling the assessment of how a device functions in response to dynamic factors like blood pressure, flow rates, and temperature changes.

Test In In-Vitro Models

Animal testing is a crucial yet difficult part of the development of a vascular device. However, animal testing may be suboptimal because of the lack of an adequate pathological model, such as one reproducing calcification issues, or differences in size between an animal and human anatomy.

Control Testing Variability

Throughout the whole development cycle, 10 design iterations are made on average. Our in vitro solutions offer practical benefits: they are cost-effective and enable testing under various conditions in a controlled and reproducible manner including reproduction of flow pulsatility and vascular compliance.

Cardiovascular Applications

In the area of cardiovascular applications, Pulso’s expertise in reproducing accurate human anatomies specializes on structural and heart failure issues.

Structural Heart

Developing a reliable living animal model for regurgitant valves poses significant challenges. One approach, which involves severing a chordae in a first operation and then waiting for a few weeks to perform the test as a second procedure, is not only costly but also inherently risky for the animals involved. Moreover, a failed animal test would mean extra cost and significant delays in the development cycle of the device.
With our expertise, we aim to provide a cost-efficient option to test hemodynamic properties of devices that repair or replace aortic, mitral, and tricuspid valves. Our models enable to assess, amongst other, outflow tract obstruction of a particular design.

Heart Failure

Chronic heart failure typically has a gradual onset and can be caused by various underlying factors. As a result, our creation of pathological human models allows us to evaluate the impact of ventricular assist devices on cardiac parameters such as left-ventricular pressure gradient, preserved or impaired ejection fraction, and atrial enlargement. In addition, our expertise in flow analysis allows us to assess the flow profile generated by the device, thus preventively detecting possible failure modes.

Endo- and Neurovascular Applications

Replicating human aneurysms in animals is not always straightforward. For that reason, our in vitro models provide a means to evaluate the fluid dynamics impact of prostheses and other devices intended to interact with abnormal blood vessels in humans. This helps R&D teams quickly assess and validate the design of their devices in realistic and reproducible lab conditions.

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