Improving Patient Care By The Use Of A Realistic Venous Cerebral Model

The Interventional Neuroradiology Department at Erasme Hospital in Belgium is facing a growing demand for treatments related to vascular diseases, particularly aneurysms and stenosis affecting the cerebral venous vascular system. To address this, Pulso is pioneering the development of an advanced in vitro cerebral modular bench-test incorporating a patient-specific transparent and flexible silicone model of the cerebral vascular system.

The model will play a crucial role in conducting comprehensive in vitro tests, enabling researchers and medical professionals to explore and refine current fundamental treatment protocols.

Through Pulso’s patented technology, accurate physiological pressure signals can be reproduce within the brain model. Additionally, Pulso is creating pathological models to simulate vascular stenosis.

This platform will allow for the evaluation of the efficacy and precision of measuring techniques and medical devices currently utilized to assess the severity of lesions, such as stenosis, within the cerebral vascular system. This initiative is a significant advancement in improving patient care and treatment outcomes for those afflicted by cerebral vascular diseases.

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